Performances for every age and every occasion

Schools, Festivals, Houses of Worship, Special Events and Projects
I can put a program together to suit your needs, whether to enhance your curriculum at school, celebrate a birthday or wedding, or just entertain with stories that delight and inspire.


I offer workshops for teachers on the use of story/drama within the Language Arts curriculum, using story as a vehicle for student work in writing and speaking. Workshops for students include the development of narrative story through writing and performance, focusing on combining traditional elements of story with their own cultural backgrounds and experiences, and linking this to the curriculum.

I offer workshops for children on storytelling, story theatre and drama where they find their own voices through the stories they create. Workshops can include maskmaking, puppetry and music.

I offer workshops for adults who want to explore the stories within their own lives. I have worked with groups of doctors, clergy, administrators and business people, using story for team building, to redefine their purpose and to highlight their shared values.


I can create a program lasting a period of weeks to suit your training or teaching needs.


Fees depend upon the work involved. Contact me, we'll talk.