A maggid is a sacred storyteller in the Jewish tradition. Telling tales from the Torah, Talmud, Jewish folklore and experience, a maggid brings the spiritual into storytelling. As a maggid, I do not exclusively tell Jewish stories, but stories from all faiths that deal with transformation and our relationship with the Divine. These tales are appropriate for religious schools and houses of worship, for religious studies and comparative religions programs, and for any group wishing to explore spirituality through story.

At the end of January, I received ordination as a Maggidah and Gabba'it from Rabbi David Zaslow and Maggidah Deborah Zaslow with the blessings of our teacher and Rebbe, Rabbi Zalaman Shachter-Shalomi.

My lovely holy sisters Getting a blessing Rabbi David's blessing Batya in celebration

Watch this space for updates on the Maggid Troupe, coming your way soon!