I have been working with story ever since I became enamored with the Greek Myths at age nine. For over thirty years, I have been a storyteller and performer, workshop leader, teacher and dramatist. I have been a world traveler, collecting stories like post cards wherever I went. I lived in the U.K. for over a decade where I worked as a storytelling artist in residence and educational consultant, bringing my work to schools, theaters and festivals to help children and adults find their voices through story. Some of my work in the U.K. included:

West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds
“Celebrate the Story” and “Magic Boat” involving over 1,000 students
The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield
Environmental story projects
The Alhambra Theatre, Bradford
“Studio Club” weekly storytelling/drama workshops for 9-12 year olds
Bradford Festival
Stories for hospitalized children
8-school storytelling project
Safarad: Stories and Songs of Hispanic and Oriental Jewry
Sheffield Festival
“Since the World Began” 6-school project
And performances at
Leeds European Festival
Kirklees Tree Festival
Liverpool Garden Festival
Ilkley Literature Festival
Halifax Children’s Museum
Leeds Art Gallery

When I returned to the States in 1993, I became a middle school drama teacher, not only producing plays, but facilitated productions of original student work. I also continued my work as a writer and storyteller in some of the following places:

Maggid Storytelling Concerts, Ashland OR
Winter Tales, H.A.R.T Theatre, Hillsboro OR
Tucson/Pima Arts Council Rural Arts Program, Arizona
Tucson/Pima Arts Council After School Program
Story Theatre, Storytelling and Mask-making, Masks and Murals, Bi-Lingual Theatre Project, Fairy Tale Theatre Project
SEEK Summer Education Program, University of Arizona

I am no longer a middle school teacher, but go into schools instead to tell stories and do workshops with students and teachers. I am also a playwright with a focus on children’s theatre and was commissioned to write a new children’s play for HART Theatre in Hillsboro as a part of their 2010-2011 season. My plays include:

One Heart Many Voices
The Bird with the Golden Feathers
Bad Wolf

I believe that we are shaped by the stories we know and the stories we tell, and I continue to work with children and adults to entertain, inspire, and expand our understanding of ourselves and our connections to each other.